Pace Precision International

About Us

    Pace Precision International was established in the year 2000 to meet domestic demand, OEM and Distributor needs. We offer engineering, manufacturing and turnkey transfer solutions. Our headquarter is located in Lake Forest, California and branch offices located in Hangzhou, China and Taiwan.  Through years of effort, we have built up a strong and solid relation with many clients from different industries. We manufacture simple and complex parts offshore mainly in Asia. For strengthening our relationships we have invested in joint ventures. We not only have over 20 years of experience in design and manufacturing, but also have complete established documents, quality and material control and have become proficient in logistics to best suit our client needs globally. We process orders in the United States, manufacture in China and Taiwan and ship, clear customs and take care of in-land transportation to any destination in the US. We started with small metal components and threaded inserts for the electronic and plastic industries.  As the market has grown and due to high demand, we have expanded our manufacturing and solutions to other industries, such as Computer, Telecommunication, Wireless, Fiber Optic, Medical, Automotive Industries and Water treatment industry. Our current manufacturing includes Machining, Stamping, Cold Heading, Forging, Die-Casting, Profile Extrusion, Deep Draw, Wire Forming, Plastic Injection Mold, Connectors & Cable Assembly and many others to choose from. We also have worked with companies to do sub assembly to help reduce cost. Our goal is to reduce cost, provide equal or better parts and do it in such a fashion that would be very easy for the customer to manage. We have successfully helped directly or indirectly famous companies such as IBM, Dell, Security First Corp, Toyota, 3M, GE, etc. We can also help with design and engineering some of which is done in the United States as well as China and Taiwan.  Our mission is to set the highest standard of service by providing the best quality components at the lowest price with short lead-time and on time delivery.  


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